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R E S P E C T F U L   F O R A G I N G 


As most of you are already aware I spend a lot of time gathering my materials. A part of that time is also spent learning, finding out about & harvesting found food sources. I come from a background in Horticulture and Conservation and left the fields to stay at home and raise my son. I started the market stall and the primal instincts to protect and provide kicked in, especially when on a tight budget.

Going from weed management courses to implementing weed strategies to being able to see them as food was a shifting process; after all a weed is just a plant in the wrong place. Learning about natives, the primary focus was their role within the habitat or how best to incorporate selective tough natives into landscape design. Relearning their edible and/or medicinal values reopened my passion for the Australian bush due to seeing the landscape through completely new eyes. A divine gift I will always cherish.

Over the years I have had the privilege to share by diverse range in skill through Bohemian Gatherer and now I get to share my knowledge I have gathered on edible found food sources. Wherever you live you will find there is a unique ecosystem to that area. From urban to bush, an area has something different to offer. Learning what is available within your habitat is a great way to connect with the surrounds, understand the environments health and journey with your environment through the seasons.

The first hurdle is always the hardest to get over and being able to compile 26 plant profiles into a practical handbook has been a great joy and I look forward to bringing more to life in the future. 

I wanted this handbook to be a practical guide with space to add in information of plants you might find in your area and spare profile templates to add whole new plants to your guide/handbook. There is also a note section with pre-empted plants that you can potentially come across too. Getting out and about you might just be surprised how many “normal” foods are growing freely from apples and olives to lettuce and chives.

I just want to take a moment to thank Carol Tillyer Business Services for editing and helping me format and produce this handbook.

I have available a downloadable PDF purchase option & printed books available.

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