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    Sunergy is designed to bring out and celebrate our masculine qualities. Combining roasted Organic Dandelion Root, Calendula Petals and Licorice Root. This tea is well balance with a smooth profile. As brother sun brightens the day, we can give thanks and pay homage to this powerful life-force energy. Best enjoyed throughout the day.


    Flavour Notes: Well balanced profile, soft floral, sweet earthy tones.

    Loose leaf resealable pouch - 12 Serves
    Loose leaf gift jar - 21 Serves



    WARNING: As we all know, everything in moderation. Just because it is natural doesn’t mean it can be good for you. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and anyone on medication or with a pre-existing medical condition should always consult a health professional about any dietary restrictions prior to consuming.

    Sunergy Earthly Potion