• Earthly Potions has been designed to reconnect with our beloved mother Earth and all her natural forms. 
    Using ethically organic source ingredients. Each blend is lovingly infused with the hope each cup can bring a moment in time to  embrace, feel and find gratitude.

    The natural world has many gifts that are presented to us daily, providing magic wherever we may be.

    * Small Batch * Hand Crafted * Love infused * Reconnecting * Specialty Tea

    The Four Seasons

    As the wheel turns each year we get to enjoy all different kinds of flavours. The four seasons was designed to reflect each unique aspect that the change of weather brings with it. From warming apple flavours provided in Autumn to citrus, ginger bursts in Winter to help combat the cold/flu season. Spring we welcome in the flowers once more with Summer providing some fun with hydrating berry brambles. 


    Moon Magick encapsulates and celebrates femininity. An organic white tea base that is silky with subtle jasmine floral and calming angelica root. Best enjoy in ceremony or as a calming tea to ease into the day.

    * Silky * Subtle Florals * Soft


    Sunergy is designed to bring out and celebrate our masculine qualities. Combining roasted Organic Dandelion Root, Calendula Petals and Licorice Root. This tea is well balance with a smooth profile. As brother sun brightens the day, we can give thanks and pay homage to this powerful life-force energy. Best enjoyed throughout the day.

    * Sun-Kissed * Hints of Floral * Sweet Earthy * Smooth Profile


    Mugwort - travel though the cosmic world as mugwort helps to create vivid dreaming.

    The last of the original Earthly Potion's Tea Range


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    Earthly Potions

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