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  • As we evolve, so does our surroundings.
    Becoming richer, more in-depth and reflective.

    As we journey through and deepen our connection to the earth. We experience the intricacies it has to offer, with realizations of it's depth and wisdom.   


    As Earthly Potions has always been designed with the intent of reconnecting with our natural elements. This new range offers a deeper profile of flavour with reflections on it's base. You can quite clearing see it's evolution. 

    As we are beings of change and adaptation. Earthly Potions are taking on a more flexible style with offerings of unique blends that will be limited on availability. 

    Currently available  in 250ml cork lid glass jars to tantalize your taste buds:


    * Nature's - Lolly: Calendula Peta;s, Lavender, Sage, Liquorice Root, Mint & Peppermint. Sweet, Smooth & Floral. 


    * Apple - Pie: Rooibos, Wild Apple, Mulberry, Cinnamon. Sweet, Light & Fruity. 

    * Citrus - Zing: Lemon-Balm, Lemon-Grass, Orange & Lemon Peel, Ginger. Strong & Tangy.


    * Wake-Up: Black Tea, Rosehip, Dried Pear, Calendula Petals. Fruity, Light & Silky. 


    * Dream-Time: Mugwort, Dandelion Leaf, Sage, Lotus Flower Petal, Angelica Root. Smooth Earthy. 

    Orangic 22 serves per jar. 

    Each embodying unique flavours, offering exploration and waking up the sense's.

    Earthly Potions - The Evolution

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