• Earthly Potion Gift Pack

    6 x samples of each Earthly Potion:

    Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer, Moon Magick and Sunergy. 


    Bringing earth magick into the everyday. Reconnecting with our mother earth through daily rituals such as having a cup of tea. Find the time to spend five minutes a day being, enjoying and embracing what the natural elements bring. 

    Organically sourced ingredients from local suppliers, slowly bit by bit reducing our carbon footprint and finding harmony and balance within our surroundings. 




    WARNING: As we all know, everything in moderation. Just because it is natural doesn’t mean it can be good for you. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and anyone on medication or with a pre-existing medical condition should always consult a health professional about any dietary restrictions prior to consuming.


    Earthly Potion Sample Gift Set

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