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  • C R O C H E T P O N C H O - T O D D L E R I absolutely love making these ponchos. Each uniquely inspired by nature and it's magic. Made using 100% wool showcasing the natural colour schemes of the world around us..As each poncho takes at least one week to make I am now only making to order. If you are interested in having one of these one of a kind pieces in your life please contact to discuss a colour scheme you were after..I have included images of past creations to show the designs and combos that are possible on my Instagram account under 'Crochet Ponchos' highlight icon. No creation can be recreated. I can recreate themes though:• Carnival • Springtime • Autumn • The Moon • The Galaxy • Sunset • Winter • Forest Meets Ocean • Tropical Rainforest • Winter Evenings • 70s Vintage • Woodland • Rainforest • Unicorn Magic •Open to ideas as well, sometimes you never know what is possible! If you like to discuss before buying please email at Thank you for your continual support of handmade, well loved, slow fashion, one of a kind pieces! It is truly appreactiated.Sam x

    Crochet Poncho - Toddler

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