• C R O C H E T  P O N C H O

    I absolutely love making these ponchos. Each uniquely inspired by nature and it's magic. Made using 100% wool showcasing the natural colour schemes of the world around us.


    As each poncho takes at least one week to make (due to slow post at the moment, please allow 3-4weeks) I am now only making to order. If you are interested in having one of these one of a kind pieces in your life please contact to discuss a colour scheme you were after..I have included images of past creations to show the designs and combos that are possible. No creation can be recreated. I can recreate themes though:

    • Carnival • Springtime • Autumn • The Moon • The Galaxy • Sunset • Winter • Forest Meets Ocean • Tropical Rainforest • Winter Evenings • 70s Vintage • Woodland • Rainforest • Unicorn Magic •


    Open to ideas as well, sometimes you never know what is possible! If you like to discuss before buying please email at stluckhurst@gmail.com

    Thank you for your continual support of handmade, well loved, slow fashion, one of a kind pieces!

    It is truly appreactiated.

    Sam x

    Crochet Poncho