E a r t h l y   P o t i o n s

Earthly Potions has been designed to reconnect with our beloved mother Earth and all her natural forms. Using ethically organic source ingredients. Each 

blend is blessed and infused with love. I hope each cup can bring a moment in time to an individual to embrace, feel and find gratitude for all we have and how blessed we are. Mother Earth has many gifts that are presented to us daily, providing magic wherever we may be.


Each blend is crafted on a small scale insuring each potion is of high quality from its vibrational to its physical end product.

* Small Batch * Hand Crafted * Love infused * Reconnecting * Specialty Tea

Handcrafting specialty tea into a potion showcasing how magic can come alive in our everyday actions. We create magic everyday from cooking a meal for our family or brewing some tea/coffee for one or many. Simply by brewing we are creating a potion to be enjoyed.


May Bohemian Gatherer’s Earthly Potions bring some earth magic into your day.

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons available are made within each of its season. Harvesting and collecting ingredients when they grow at their optimum. These tea base potions can be enjoyed at anytime of the day.

boho gath autumn1.jpeg
boho gath win2.jpeg

Autumn made with local apples that are dried and blended with Organic Rooibos Tea and Cinnamon creating a warm apple pie as you watch the leaves fall around.

This potion brings us warming feels reminding us of the cooling days ahead as we prepare to turn more inwards.

* Love
* Contrast
* Changing of season


Winter brings us cold days, sometimes wet and sometimes dry. A time spent indoors more, snuggled up. Warming ginger and sweetly balance lemon notes are blended to help keep our systems fresh.

* Citrus Burst
* Tangy
* Going inwards

bohogath spring1.jpeg
bohogath summer1.jpeg

Spring comes alive with her floral bouquet of lavenders, sages and mint. Embracing the new growth as spring showcases all her flowery jewels.

* Calming
* Renewal
* Awakening


Summer wouldn’t be without berries. Enjoyed warm with refreshing notes of orange fading to the subtle berries as the brew cools down. This potion is fun, celebrating the warmer and brighter days, stimulating a more active mind, body and soul.

* Refreshing
* Hydrating

Sunergy & Moon Magick

Available all year round is our beautifully crafted Sun and Moon Earthly Potions.

bohogath moon2_edited.jpg

Moon Magick encapsulates and celebrates femininity. An organic white tea base that is silky with subtle jasmine floral and calming angelica root. Best enjoy in ceremony or as a calming tea to ease into the day.

* Silky * Subtle Florals * Soft

Sunergy is designed to bring out and celebrate our masculine qualities. Combining roasted Organic Dandelion Root, Calendula Petals and Licorice Root. This tea is well balance with a smooth profile. As brother sun brightens the day, we can give thanks and pay homage to this powerful life-force energy. Best enjoyed throughout the day.

* Sun-Kissed * Hints of Floral * Sweet Earthy * Smooth Profile

* * *

WARNING: As we all know, everything in moderation. Just because it is natural doesn’t mean it can be good for you. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and anyone on medication or with a pre-existing medical condition should always consult a health professional about any dietary restrictions prior to consuming.