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E a r t h l y   P o t i o n s

Earthly Potions are small batch speciality tea designed to reconnect with our beloved mother Earth and all her natural forms. They were created within each’s seasons harvest. Using only what was available. Hoping each cup brought a moment in time to embrace, feel and find gratitude.

The natural world has many gifts that are presented to us daily, providing magic wherever we may be.

Drawing inspiration from the four seasons, moon and sun as a base. We were able to journey through the wheel of the year with unique flavours that represented the phases. From warming apple flavours provided in Autumn to citrus, ginger bursts in Winter. Spring we welcomed in the flowers once more with Summer providing some fun with hydrating berry brambles. 
While our Moon Magick captured and celebrated femininity, Sunergy brought out and celebrated the masculinity.


​Naturally as the wheel turns throughout our lives, we all grow and evolve. As did these Earthly Potions becoming richer, more in-depth and reflective. Taking on more of a deeper profile of flavour with reflections on its base.

It was a huge joy blending flavours and bringing them to life for all to share. As change is always the one constant in life at Bohemian Gatherer, Earthly Potions are no longer in production.
There will however be a release of the base recipes so you can carry on making your favourite cup of tea seasonally in the near future!


E a r t h l y   P o t i o n s  E v o l u t i o n

Natures Lolly 2.jpg

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WARNING: As we all know, everything in moderation. Just because it is natural doesn’t mean it can be good for you. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and anyone on medication or with a pre-existing medical condition should always consult a health professional about any dietary restrictions prior to consuming.

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