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1 of 3__'Emu Country'_Using materials so
2 of 3__'Scars of the Bush'_If the bush

'Emu Country'

'Scars of the Bush'


'Nature Always Finds a Way'

The Dreamcatcher

At Bohemian Gatherer we pride ourselves on bringing handmade creations to life that are earth friendly.

Each creation is made from the heart, infused with love and blessed under the moon.

Traditionally used as a talisman to protect sleeping people from bad dreams and nightmares, the dreamcatcher has become a world-recognized symbol, massed produced with a cost to the earth and tradition.
Made with natural materials without causing harm or adding to our ecological footprint; showcasing beautiful creations that don't cost the earth. Bringing it back to simple living and respecting the 'object' for what it is and where it originates, whilst honouring its tradition and art form. .


'Emu Country'
Using materials sourced locally and paying homage to the land we are so fortunate to live on. This piece is designed to reconnect with our country and ourselves, physically and spiritually. We are nature and it supports us in so many ways from energetic benefits, providing nutrients for our bodies to function, and ability to give warmth and shelter. 

'Scars of the Bush'
If the bush could talk our tune, the stories it would hold. The years of knowledge and wisdom. The true history of the land forever changing, forevermore, but more than ever before it needs our help to find peace and live in harmony and balance with it 

'Nature Always Finds a Way'
The land we now see has been changed and altered; introduced species have adapted and survived harsh conditions. The will to live a life-force energy. Tree species from all over the world find footings here and grow amongst our bush, always finding a way. Where there is life, there is hope. 
Made with mixed native and introduced specie plant material. Combinding 'worlds' to move forward and work together.


I draw inspiration from Mother Earth and all her elements. With support from Brother Sun and Sister Moon I give thanks to all that is and all that will be.

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